Auroville Virtual Herbarium

This website presents the digitized plant specimens collected in the forests of Auroville and bioregion. Leaves, flowers and other plant parts are briefly flattened, and then immediately scanned to conserve their natural colours and texture. The high-resolution image produced allows for the identification of the plant, with all the details intact for precise botanical study. These vivid images also allow the viewer to fully appreciate the intricate beauty of plants. The detailed scanned images are combined with photographs of the plant parts from multiple angles to highlight botanical features, as well as photographs of the plant in its natural habitat.

A bibliographic review is also provided > Bibliography
Specialist botanical vocabulary is explained in the glossary we made to help you
> Visual glossary

For each plant, a menu displays informations about
  • Botany : nomenclature, description, phenology, reproduction & dispersal
  • Plant ecology, distribution, relevance for ecosystems
  • Ethno-botany : human uses (medicinal, veterinary, culinary, crafts etc.), beliefs and rituals
  • Afforestation
  • Conservation status
Auroville forest canopy
Same species : a specimen collected in 1974, recently digitized by Kew Royal Botanic Gardens and a fresh one from the Auroville Virtual Herbarium
Auroville forest canopy
Various scans and photos selected from the Auroville Virtual Herbarium